From the moment I asked Grant to sell my house he worked harder than any other agent I have had when selling my 5 previous homes. With my brother assisting me we were constantly amazed at his energy, knowledge and expertise which he shared with us almost daily either by phone or visit. We had no interested people from 4 Open Homes and then it all happened. The final day was a story to be told. 10am Monday a client of Kerry’s came to view my property and negotiations began with Grant bringing us up to date regularly. The buyers were coming in with prices that wouldn’t cover our costs. By Tuesday it looked like we had reached a stale mate so I asked God to make the impossible possible. That request was followed by a phone call from Grant who always said “we must keep it going forward” that made me think maybe our buyers were serious. Sitting around our table Grant was diplomatically guiding us, never forcing, we had to make a decision and after the mandatory explanations we proceeded with our counter offer. With my pen poised to sign, at 4.30pm a call to Grant told him about the Banks decision to change the rules on mortgages, so before they could make the new rule mandatory we went into fast mode; I signed our counter offer without any more to do, he ran outside to find Kerry waiting to pick up the documents only to find I had missed a signature, Grant ran back for me to sign and ran out again where Kerry raced off (all within speeding limits, of course) to get the buyers to agree and sign. They did. Then they quickly sent it to the Mortgage Broker who saw everything was fine so sent it to the bank manager only to have it refused. He decided to redo the papers and resent them to the bank manager in the nick of time and they were accepted. Hooray!!! it was accepted by the powers that be, what great joy and jubilations to hear it was all approved with satisfaction. What an incredible journey and afterwards I realised I wouldn’t have missed the fun for the worlds. Grant would say every time “Mary, You go to bed and sleep and leave the worrying to me”. Great advice, only the hype that day left me dancing the Irish Jig and all my family with me. At last they could get up off their knees from praying. The impossible became possible. Tonight the house I have sold and the house I have bought have both gone unconditional. What joy and relief. Time to celebrate and wait for settlement day. Thank you Grant and Kerry. Grant your magical strategy worked every time all the way through. You are a wizard! Love from Mary
Posted: 17 December 2021
We chose Grant to list with and sell our property because Grant was someone we knew who was trusted, committed and professional and he gets 10 out of 10 from us in every respect.
Posted: 21 October 2021
I live in Australia, I was dreading the process of selling the family home in Napier. All my anxious doubts were alleviated once Grant came onto the scene. He was reassuring and professional .The courtesy and respect he showed towards my tenants was beyond reproach. There is a page to be taken from his book by many other agents in the business. Its no surprise PB are such successful realtors if Grant is an example of their business practices and staff. Thank you!
Posted: 7 December 2020
Grant was very easy to deal with, always available for extra viewings and good communication throughout the process.
Posted: 20 October 2020
We found Grant McDonald to be very enthusiastic and couldn’t do enough for us. We would certainly go to Grant in the future if we needed an agent for selling or buying.
Posted: 12 March 2019
Grant sold our house quickly in a time of great need for our family. After months and months of attempting to sell our house independently we decided to sell with a realtor. Grant’s patience and knowledge of the industry impressed us; he took the time to clearly explain what would best serve our needs for a quick sale. When we had questions he listened and gave a thorough explanation in answer to our queries. In addition, he treated us as intelligent home owners with valuable input and contributions to make towards our home sale process. The qualities were well appreciated. At all times Grant kept us informed of the next steps, he called on a very regular basis to let us know how closely our sale was following the trends and to give us feedback from viewings. This greatly reduced our stress, it was clear to us through these phone calls that he was working a great deal on the sale of our house. Because of Grant’s low key manner, ability to listen, explain and his dedication to the sale of our house, Grant ensured that we received a timely and efficient sale that was tens of thousands of dollars above our private selling price. We would recommend Grant to anyone who wishes to sell or buy a home and maximise their real estate dollar.
Posted: 30 November -0001
Grant is one of our most knowledgeable and well respected agents and someone whose opinion can be relied on. He is street savvy and extremely good at putting a deal together. His past clients love him and his repeat business is a testament to that. I would have no hesitation in recommending Grant to you.
Posted: 30 November -0001